About Us

Treasure Me is inspired by Victoria Chang. After the heart felt loss of her father she decide to create a private and easy site where her family regardless of their location could join together to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of her father.

After reading the stories and tributes posted from friends and family about her father she gained a new understanding of him and his meaningful life. Having a place to collectively celebrate her father’s life has brought the family closer than ever and provides them a private and convenient place to reflect and communicate.

Wanting others to realize the value of this sharing she has created Treasure me. Please feel welcome and at ease with this private, free and easy to use site to celebrate and communicate with the ones you love.

I am sad I did not know so many things about my father until his passing. I truly hope this site provides a service for others to better understand the ones they love and a place for them to reach out to them with a new understanding that brings them peace and comfort in their new life.

Treasure me provides a safe and personal space to connect with and treasure the ones you love.

  • Create a private memorial allowing friends and family to share stories, memories and pay their respects to loved ones.
  • Create and manage your own living profile, add your memoirs in the vault and create a time capsule (time released messages and media).
  • Share messages and media with loved ones.
  • Create a family history for future generations.

Site Features

Treasure Me is a Free and Safe Service:

Photos, video and Sound Bites
Memoirs and Time Caspsule (time delayed message)

Create Memories Now for free

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