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This privacy policy explains how Treasure Me collects, holds and uses your information, including your personal information ("Information").

Use of the Treasure Me websites (“Site”), mobile device application (“App”), widgets, the products, services and software collectively called ("Services") provided by Treasure Map Pte Ltd its affiliates, licensors, and partners collectively called (“Treasure Me”) are conditional upon your ("you” “your” and/or “user”) reading and agreeing to both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

Please read through this privacy policy carefully and prior to accessing the Services.

This privacy policy may be updated or amended from time to time, and without prior notice, by Treasure Me posting the updated policy on the Services. Treasure Me encourages you to check the Services regularly for any updates to the privacy policy or Terms of Use. A reference to the Treasure Me privacy policy includes this privacy policy and all updates or amendments to the policy from time to time. If you do not agree to us, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, updating or amending the privacy policy, you must not use or access the Services. Your continued access or use of the Services constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the Treasure Me privacy policy and all updates or amendments.



Information means details, information, material, images, photographs, content, whether true or not, whether recorded in a material form or not and whether they be about yourself or others, that you submit or provide when accessing the Services including without limitation, your personal information, information about yourself, such as gender, age, occupation, interests, information submitted in the Site, App, Services or otherwise, information about your access and/or use of the Services or of a particular page. Information collected includes information that identifies a specific user which may include the user’s name, mailing and email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth and credit card details (“Individual Identifiable Information”) and information that does not identify a specific user which includes Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of websites which a user visited, the types of browser the user is using and the user’s Internet Protocol address.

All Information will be collected and recorded and will be used in the way as outlined in Treasure Me privacy policy. All information, whether in whole or in part, may, at Treasure Me's sole discretion, be held indefinitely or may be deleted. If you do not agree with the collection and use of your information you have provided or will provide in the way as outlined in Treasure Me privacy policy, please do not access or use the Services. By accessing and/or using the Services, you consent to our collection and use of your information as outlined in the Treasure Me privacy policy.

When you use a Service, you may be asked to submit information about yourself (such as name, mailing and email addresses, gender, age, occupation, interests, etc.) and it is your sole discretion as to whether you submit such information. Some of the information we ask you to submit may be mandatory for the type of Service. If you do not provide the mandatory information for the particular Service, you will not be permitted to engage in the Service. If you submit the information, the information, once submitted, will be recorded and used by Treasure Me in the way as outlined in the Treasure Me privacy policy.

When you invite new members into your network or send messages through any of the Services or tell a friend about the Services, we collect and maintain on record details associated with those messages, including names, email addresses and content of the messages. We may use the information to invite your friend to visit the Site.

You may submit your photograph when you create your profile. This photograph can be seen or viewed by others online.

If you install a third party application on your page or use an application on someone else's page, Treasure Me may record information regarding the use of that application, and may collect other information that is visible on your page in accordance with the relevant terms of use associated with that page.


    Use and Disclosure

Treasure Me maintains and processes your account and its Information to provide the Services to you and to improve our Services. Individually Identifiable Information on our records may be used to notify you of new product releases, service notifications and to seek your feedback to improve our marketing and promotional efforts and improve our product and Services offering.

If you engage in certain activities on the Services such as entering a contest, a quest, filling out a survey, posting a review or feedback, signing up to special offers, identify yourself as interested in certain products or services or purchase products or services, we may share your Individual Identifiable Information with the Merchants whose product or services you are interested in, to send you communications through the Services or with service providers to fulfill orders, including the processing of payments and delivery. Whilst the purpose of sharing your Individually Identifiable Information is to allow the Merchant to market directly to you or to provide its service to you, the use of your Individual Identifiable Information is also governed by the privacy policies of such parties and is not subject to our control. We disclaim any responsibility or liability for any actions arising directly or indirectly of such parties having shared your information.

If you post information about yourself, communicate with other users on chat or discussion boards, post review or feedback or submit media content, the information may be accessible by other users and may appear on other websites. We have no control over who access those information or what others may do with the information that you have voluntarily posted. Treasure Me is not responsible for how users, viewers or the people who have access to those information use the content, or to whom they may forward the content to.

We may use your Information, including your internet protocol address in order to operate, maintain and manage the Services. We may disclose your Information to service providers who assist Treasure Me in operating its business, to resolve service problems or correct errors in the Services, to communicate with you about the Services, to provide you with advertising and promotional information in connection with the Services or to enhance your experience with the Services. We do not, however, grant the service provider an independent right to share your Information. In order to deliver and support our Services, we may not provide you with the opportunity to opt-out of sharing Information (whether Individual Identifiable Information or other information) with these third parties.

Treasure Me, certain Treasure Me users, Treasure Me contractors and employees may view the Information in order to provide the Services to you and to improve the Services.

Aggregated Information about the users and their use of the Services, including without limitation, to information about users accessing the Services or viewing Treasure Me content on maps or third party applications on other websites, such as internet protocol addresses, referring / exit pages and URLs, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, browser type, browser language, pages viewed and their order, landing pages the time and date of access and time spent on pages, will be collected to provide reports to enhance user experience, including the supply of relevant products and services.

Information may be used or disclosed if Treasure Me believes on reasonable grounds that the use or disclosure of the Information is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of a user or another person or if it is required or authorised by law to disclose.


    Controlling Your Personal Information

If you send messages or post material containing personal information, that information may be collected and used by others. You can edit your profile and other information at any time. The Services may provide a number of tools that you can use to control the availability of your profile and other personal information. If you share your Information on a web page other than on the Treasure Me Services, it will be visible to the public in accordance with the policies of that web page, regardless of whether you have restricted access to that Information on the Treasure Me Services. Treasure Me is not responsible as to how people you allow to view your Information (or the public if you make any Information available to the public), use your Information or to whom they may forward your Information.


    Transfer of Information

Treasure Me reserves its rights to transfer your Information, including without limitation, your Individual Identifiable Information at any time to any transferee or assignee in the event of a transfer or assignment of ownership of Treasure Me or a merger of Treasure Me with another entity.

You will be notified when your Information is transferred.


    Others' Information

You may decide to provide or submit another person's email address so that the person may be invited to join the Services. Treasure Me may use this information to contact and, if necessary, remind that person that he or she has been invited to join the Services. All invitees are provided with the option not to receive further invitations from the Services. We may also disclose such information if required to do so by law or in order to comply with legal requirements, as described under "Use and Disclosure" above.



The Services send 'cookies' to your computer when you access the Services, or otherwise view content through a map, or use a third party application. A cookie is a small text file recorded on your hard drive that identifies you as a unique user and contains certain information about your particular login session and your use of the Services.

Treasure Me uses cookies to improve the Services and to make the Services easier to use for Treasure Me users.


    Use of Information Links to other Websites

The Services may contain links to other websites and the content in maps may be hosted by other websites. These other websites maintain their own policies regarding cookies and the collection and use of your Information. It is up to you to review those policies carefully. Treasure Me is not responsible for the collection and use of your Information by the linked websites and the linked websites are not subject to the Treasure Me privacy policy.

When you "share" Information on another website or map, the availability of those Information to the general public will be governed by the practices or policies of that website or map.


    Third-Party Advertising Companies

Treasure Me may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements on  the Services. Treasure Me and the third-party advertising technology may use Information derived from your visit to the Treasure Me Services, the maps that you have viewed and the applications you used, to target advertising within the Services. In addition, Treasure Me advertisers may use other third-party advertising technology to target advertising on the Services and other websites.

Treasure Me does not directly provide any Individual Identifiable Information to third party advertising companies. Note, however, that if an advertiser requests Treasure Me to show an advertisement to users with certain characteristics (for example, men ages 19-28) or a segment of that group (for example, men ages 19-28 who have viewed certain categories of content) and you respond to that advertisement, the third-party advertising company may conclude that you have the characteristics of the audience that they are trying to reach.



Treasure Me takes all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information is stored safely to protect it from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


    Additional Questions

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us on the address below or by sending an email to privacy @



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